Thursday, January 12, 2017

Queen of the Tower

She was the girl that caught the king’s eye. Beautiful, intriguing and witty, the young Anne Boleyn found herself the object of King Henry VIII’s desire. She is perhaps best known as the other Boleyn girl, the sister that turned down the role of king’s mistress and instead held out for the crown.
She rose from a lady in waiting to Queen of England. During her journey, she claimed power for her family, set fashion trends, pursued learning, helped usher in a historic break between the Church of England and Rome and gave birth to a future queen.
After spending time in the French court as a young girl, Anne returned to England with style and accomplishments that had all the handsome courtiers vying for her heart. Her time in the foreign court likely inspired much of her good taste, giving her design inspiration that was quickly copied by other ladies of the court.
But not all of her fashion choices were for style alone. There was also a layer of practicality since her long sleeves covered her 6th finger nail and her iconic choker is said to have covered a mole or cyst. Regardless of the reasons that inspired her dress and accessory selections, the trends took off and continue to inspire modern designs like those of Valentino.
The Fall 2016 couture collection featured elements of Anne’s Tudor era, as well as the later elements seen in her daughter’s reign in the Elizabethan era. Though not totally Tudor in spirit, I couldn’t help but think of Anne and her epic story with Valentino’s use of rich tones, including dramatic shades of red juxtaposed with classic black and white.

I can imagine her walking the halls the palace, her heavy brocade dresses skimming the stone floors and the sound of her laughter filling the air as she enjoys the jokes of an admiring courtier. With her dark looks, elegance and intelligence, she was endlessly attracting suitors, including the king himself.

After years of holding the king at arm’s length, Anne made history and married King Henry VIII in 1533 in a secret ceremony. She may have shed her corset and brocade gowns for something a bit more sheer and seductive for their time together.
As Anne’s journey to the throne soon turned into a path to the chopping block, the looks turn darker with red color blocking to symbolize the end of her story at the Tower of London. No longer captivating on the royal stage, Anne became the Lady in the Tower

After rising to the top, the intrigues of the court and heart of the king betrayed the young queen. Anne’s crown would soon pass to the next queen, putting Anne in the ranks of Henry’s six wives. 
 Though her life came to an untimely end, her story remains forever entwined with  the history of England and even hundreds of years later, Anne keeps everyone intrigued.

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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Roses Are Red

I have a bit of a confession to make, I love watching The Bachelor. After 20 seasons of contestants vying for the attention and heart of the bachelor, I still can't get enough of the show. I find myself believing the host, Chris Harrison, each time when he says the season is going to be the most exciting yet. Though the relationships that form have their ups and downs, and love does not alway prevail, I continue to join the journey to find love. 

With the recent premier of the newest season, I can't help but have roses on the brain. As roses are handed out each episode to the ladies of choice, these roses can't be any color...they must be red. Imagine the bachelor handing out yellow roses of friendship or pink roses of appreciation, the effect would not be the same.
The red roses are a classic symbol of love and passion, and are thus the perfect color for the show. Since the time of Greek mythology and the goddess of love, Aphrodite, the red rose has been used to communicate desire and romantic love.  Though the drama of the show does not always point to true love, the use of red is also interesting for its other meanings. 
From roses to dresses, the color is perfect to communicate passion and energy. Scientific studies have also shown that men are more attracted to women who wear the color red. Perhaps this is why so many of the ladies donned the color on the premier episode. Whether or not their dress decisions worked remains to be seen. 
Alexander McQueen 
Though we may not find ourselves at a rose ceremony, we can still wear the powerful color of choice with designs from the Spring 2017 collections. 
Stella McCartney
From the red rose color to floral embroidery, roses pervaded the runways. The red beauties included the delicate and romantic with red tulle and lace. But an edgier side to the rose was also showcased with the use of leather and studs, displaying the tougher side of the flower and color, like the thorn we often find on the stems.  
Whether romantic or edgy, the rose will provide plenty of inspiration and ways to bloom in your closet this spring.

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Monday, January 2, 2017

Star Light Star Bright

The new year is an invitation to new beginnings. New Year's Eve sparkled with the opportunity to begin a new chapter, but the sparkle of something new continues to shimmer with promise as we enter into January.
 Designer Elie Saab explored the out of this world constellations and their jewel-worthy stars in his Fall 2016 couture collection. The gowns dazzle with detailing inspired by the beauty of nature, providing inspiration for our own star gazing and dreaming.

The dark night sky is brightened by its canvas of diamond-like stars. The sky that often appears black, is so much more when viewed away from the bright lights of the city. 
Stars of green, red, orange, yellow, white and blue are spread against the sometimes purple and blue sky. 

The stars shimmer, smiling down on the earth with a wink and nod to all who take a moment to look up.
 “Star light, star bright,
First star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have this wish I wish tonight.”

The year has passed as quickly as a shooting star across the horizon, so take a moment to make a wish before it's too late. As 2016 fades into 2017, imagine all that can be and take hold of it. 

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Friday, December 30, 2016

Shimmer and Shine

New Year’s Eve is the night when a few extra sequins may as well be a prerequisite for dazzling memories. The Fall 2016 collections include plenty of options fit for a sparkling night.

From fabrics that shimmer, to textured sequins and beads, dresses like these are sure to help you shine.

Though snowflakes may be falling when the ball drops, you can add a layer of practicality with a turtleneck sweater under your party dress thanks to the styling by Valentino.

The shimmer of the fabric can pop thanks to bright colors like these seen on the Ralph Lauren runway.

If turtlenecks aren't your style, you can bundle up with a sequin-adorned jacket while also keeping your legs warm with the help of colorful socks from Rochas

 You can keep your look extra sweet with an outfit in shades of bubblegum pink as seen with the Preen designs and styling.

Regardless of where New Year’s Eve festivities take you, or how you choose to shine, remember the night is yours…and it’s the start of something new.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A Swiss Story

The story begins on the countryside of Switzerland, with our heroine travelling the countryside of Switzerland…from the tops of the snow capped mountains, down to the depths of the lush green valleys. She continues her trek into the Netherlands, walking among tulips and windmills before heading to the city streets of London. 

Such is the journey that we are taken on in the Alexander McQueen Resort 2017 collection. These seemingly diverse points of inspiration come together to form designs that are at once nostalgic while also modern enough for today’s world.

With floral prints and details reminiscent of a Swiss folk dress, the dresses are fit for Heidi all grown up. 

Continuing the European influences, prints, scalloping and cut-outs mimic the printed designs on Dutch   Delftware dishes. The 17th century pottery was inspired by ancient Chinese porcelain. Windmills, landscapes and seasides found their way onto the dishes of the Dutch…before making their way to the runway designs in more abstract forms.
As fields and flowers are set aside for the mechanics of the big city, the designs evolve from ruffles and prints to straight lines. With capes and military button accents, the designs pay homage to the classic British detective, Sherlock Holmes, and the iconic London guards.
So then how does our heroine’s journey end? We can imagine her collecting friends and memories along the way. 

She is not fashioned for a life among strangers.” –Heidi

And even though every adventure, including our heroine's, must come to a close, there is beauty to enjoy along the way.

Let’s enjoy the beautiful things we can see, my dear, and not think about those we cannot.” –Heidi

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