Sunday, May 29, 2016

Candy Colored Summer

"Lifeguards on Duty" 
Every season brings with it the chance to embrace something new. It’s a clean slate waiting to be written. So as you enjoy the unofficial start of summer this weekend, what better time than now to ask yourself what kind of season you would like to have.

How about a candy colored summer?

What might a candy colored summer be? Perhaps a little bit bright with rose colored hues and soft yellow highlights.
"Los Santos" 

Maybe it’s the refreshing feeling that comes on the winds of a sea breeze.
"Wind and Sea"

Or the inexplicable hope of a daydream.
"Candy Castle" 

The photography of Matt Crump helps inspire such candy colored notions. Whether exploring his portfolio or perusing his #candyminimal curated collection on Instagram, the inspiration is endless.
"Bright Tiles" 

It’s hard to feel unhappy when you can enjoy the cotton candy colored dreamscapes he creates like the Eiffel Sunset. 
"Eiffel Sunset"

The options for a candy colored season are endless. 
Only one question remains…where will your path lead?
"Pretty Path"

Anchors Away

As spring makes way for summer, the season evolves into plenty of sunshine, clear skies and pops of red, white and blue. The patriotic color scheme seems synonymous with summer thanks to holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July. 
As we celebrate Memorial Day weekend, it seems only appropriate to use the color palette as a point of inspiration and way to remember those who have served our country.

Stars, stripes and gold accents are the perfect trio to celebrate a patriotic spirit. Designer Zuhair Murad did just that in his spring collection. He kept the looks fresh with youthful silhouettes like the trapeze top and front peplum detailing.
The spirit of Americana is evident in the designs thanks to stripes and gold accessories that shimmer like stars.
Not only do the color and fabric choices bring to mind the American flag, they also pay homage to WWII sailors. 
The use of nautical stripes and gold buttons are particularly reminiscent of the American sailors. There’s even a pant suit in the collection that resembles the flared legs of their uniforms.

As you set sail into summer, be sure to celebrate the season and the country’s heritage with a little bit of red, white and blue.

Runway Photos:

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Italia is Love

From the rolling hills of fruit orchards…

to fields overflowing with blooms…

to beautiful beaches, the summer collection for Dolce & Gabbana is ready for an Italian adventure. 

If travelling to Italy isn’t in your summer plans, you can still enjoy the spirit of the country with pieces that feature landmarks and tourist attractions embroidered on the fabric. It’s almost like wearing a post card to celebrate things like the leaning tower of Pisa.
And what would Italy be without a Roman Holiday?

 The collection is like a love letter to Italy, a celebration of the vitality and zest of life that can be felt in everything from the history, landscape, art, food and people.  With the #ItaliaIsLove tag, it’s hard to ignore the mood behind the designs and the ads. I love the ad campaign for the collection. You can’t help but want to sit at the sidewalk café to enjoy some pasta or read a book. 
And of course, the event wouldn’t be complete without some selfies.

The designers continued to use devices like cell phones as key accessories like we saw in the fall collection. But this time the models, both on the runway and in the ads, pause to take selfless
Though funny and a bit unexpected to the devices on the runway and in ads, it makes sense given our culture of social media and constant sharing. Models seem to be giddy on their love of Italia and the brand.
Regardless of where your summer adventures take you, you can take the inspiration of love and happiness with you.

Runway Photos:
Other sources: 

Bee Beautiful

They say April showers bring May flowers. But this won’t be true if the bees aren’t here to pollinate the flowers we all love. Bee populations are declining due to things like pesticides and decreasing habitats. Without the bees, our world would be depleted of not only flowers, but also fruits, vegetables and other crops that help keep us alive. 

But all is not lost. You can help and look great while doing it.
One of my favorite brands, Burt’s Bees, currently has a Bring Back the Bees campaign to increase awareness and give us easy ways to help. Burt’s Bees will plant 1000 wildflowers in your honor when you post using the #BringBackTheBees tag or when you buy a special edition lip balm.
Amazing lip balm, beautiful flowers and helping a worthy cause all at once…count me in!
With bees on the brain, you can continue to celebrate the buzz of your good deed of helping plant wildflowers by donning spring inspired accessories from Kate Spade

From a flower potted purse to a tote worthy of a queen bee, the collection of bags is a playful take on the season. 
And if you’re going to carry a bumble bee wicker purse, may as well take it all the way with some floral earrings and a spritz of Marc Jacob’s Honey perfume.
Here's to a bringing back the bees with style! 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rococo Rose

"Delphinium," 2015

Power, beauty, intrigue, mystery, passionthese are just are few of the subjects addressed in the works of Alexia Sinclair. With historical figures like Queen Elizabeth and the last Czarina of Russia as central characters in her photography, Sinclair uses modern technology to bring their stories to life. 

Through the medium of digital photography and post-production techniques, her works take on a magical and ethereal quality  reminiscent of old world painters like Francois Boucher.
 "Bed of Roses," 2015

"Madame Pompadour" by Francois Boucher

All of her pieces have the power to transport you to another time, but my favorites are from her Rococo and Les Antoinettes series. Both series are inspired by the decadent world of women like Madame Pompadour and Marie Antoinette. The period is best known for a playful and sensuous spirit, which not only applied to art and décor, but also to lifestyle.

Sinclair seems  to use the sensual and romantic nature of the period as points of inspiration in works like “The Secret Garden."

In pieces like “The Perfumed Garden," I can’t help but imagine Marie Antoinette sneaking off for a rendezvous with Axel von Fersen.

Portrait of Marie Antoinette by Elisabeth Vigee-Le Brun, 1783

The Les Antoinettes series offers a glimpse into the timeline of Marie Antoinette’s life. From her time hiding behind a mask while she flirted with Axel in “L’Opera de Paris”
to making a political statement using her headdress in “La Belle Poule
 to getting in touch with a simpler life at Le Petit Trianon in “La Coiffure Oiseau,” the images whisk you into the magical world of the French Queen. 

"Marie Antoinette in a Muslin Dress" by Elisabeth Vigee-Le Brun

Though the passage of time moves us further from the world of these women from history, Sinclair's fresh interpretations and use of technology presents the figures in a modern form. The works demonstrate the power of history and how timeless the themes remain.     
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