Sunday, August 13, 2017

Mad Hatter

When Alice fell down the rabbit hole she found herself in a world of fantasy, curiosities and a little bit of nonsense. 
The world of Lewis Carroll's 19th century Alice's Adventures in Wonderland comes alive with vibrant characters like the Hatter and March Hare. Famous for his illogical quips and fantastical style, the Hatter is best known as the Mad Hatter. 
Perhaps the Mad hatter got a little crazy from making one too many hats and got a dose of mercury poisoning as was common for Victorian textile workers. Or maybe being stuck in time at a never ending tea party with the March Hare and Dormouse had him feeling a bit crazy.
Whatever the reason for his kooky behaviors, it is still a tea party I wouldn't mind going to alongside Alice. With a little inspiration from John Galliano's Spring 2009 collection, it's possible to join the party with a hat that would make Lewis Carroll and his Hatter proud.
Pastels, florals and splashes of bright pink and orange create a storybook color palette.

The hats are so colorful, fun and whimsical that they are almost a character on their own. Soft fabrics, satin ribbons, tulle, jewel broaches and feathers all add unique dashes of delight to each hat.

The tea party is still in full swing for us to we just have to find the rabbit hole and we'll be on our way. 

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Grand Style

Far from the ocean’s edge, there is a land of dirt, rock and heat. The hills rise to the heavens, rolling across the horizon as far as the eye can see. Centuries of history are hidden in this earth and only revealed with the help of the winding Colorado River that reveals the secrets in layers. This land is the Grand Canyon.

With cliffs, caves and a cool river, this place was called home by a variety of Native American groups thanks to the environment’s natural shelter and protection. It also attracted explorers as early as the 16th century who sought to conquer the challenging landscape.

Earth tones prevail in the absence of trees and foliage. A warm color palette of browns, reds, yellows and whites paint this world, as well as the Resort 2018 collection from Dior.

The fabric colors and prints speak to the history of the Grand Canyon and its people. Multicolored embroidery, denim, fringe and leather create an intertwining story of the Native Americans and western explorers.

Prints like these are reminiscent of tribal artwork found on cave walls.
Without the shade of trees, wide brimmed hats are a must to protect the face while riding horseback or walking across the vast and open land.

Ponchos provide protection against the wind and the seasonal monsoons that are apt to sweep through the canyon during the late summer months. 
Exploring the wilderness is made easier with a pair of sturdy, and fashionable, boots. 
From snow covered peaks, to steaming valley floors, this is a land of extreme weather and extreme beauty. Though it no longer contains all the mysteries of an unchartered territory as it once did, the Grand Canyon remains a landmark of adventure. So why not pack your saddlebags and head to the land of historic grandeur?   

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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ocean Blues

Dynamic yet calm. Powerful yet gentle. Her qualities are as diverse as the full spectrum of blues we can find her wearing. Not one to stay aloof, she rolls in each day with the high tide, beckoning us to dip our toes into her frothy edges.
Roberto Cavalli
For centuries, people around the world have had a love affair with the ocean. Walking the shores of the beach, she softly roars with each crashing wave, creating a soothing lullaby for any who pause to listen.  
Fishermen and sailors have answered the call of the ocean, setting sail across the vast blue waters. Surfers hear her whispered invite each morning laced with the promise of adventure in each wave. Cities are built on her beaches with the goal of capturing a fraction of the beauty and awe she presents each day. 
Using a needle and thread, designers try to communicate the natural movement and grace of the ocean's waters. Ruffles move like rolling waves of the ocean on the Molly Goddard and Badgley Mischka runways. 
"The voice of the sea speaks to the soul." 
-The Awakening
Alice + Olivia
There is a mystery to the ocean that we will likely never solve. Worlds and wonders beneath the depths of the surface are beyond human comprehension. Whether near or far to these great bodies of water, we can find cool blue inspiration from the ocean’s array of colors with designs from the Resort 2018 collections.

The shades of light blue are like the ocean’s surface on a bright sunny day. Cool and calm, there is an ease to wearing this color. 
Christian Siriano
With the appearance of storm clouds on the horizon, the ocean takes on a gray hue. The blue borders on gray, blending rain and ocean water.
Molly Goddard
“It was the color of ice and honey and sky and rain mixed together into a sheet of flawless glass with broken frothy edges that tickled my feet.”
-The Siren
Reem Acra 
As night falls, the ocean’s waters become dark and mysterious. The bright blues of daytime quickly become deeper and richer shades of navy. The blues nearly border on black with the absence of sunlight. 

Molly Goddard

The navy-blue sequins of Temperley London's dresses shimmer like the moonlight on the ocean’s surface. 

Like designers, authors also find inspiration in the blue waters of the ocean. Kate Chopin’s classic 19th century novel, The Awakening, is a story of discovery and rebirth on the shores of Louisiana. The clear blue Gulf waters featured in the story offer a shimmering reflection that is bright and hopeful like the designs from Tome, Christian Siriano and Balmain.



Christian Siriano

The Siren by Kiera Cass tells the story of a siren and her search for love and life beyond the ocean’s embrace. There are diverse emotions, like the blues and greens often found in the seaside waters and in the fabric of Anna Sui’s dresses.

The ocean's color palette proves that having the blues isn't always a bad thing. No matter the mood, there's a shade of blue to match. This season you can heed the ocean's call and wear your perfect shade.

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