Saturday, April 29, 2017

Bel Air Beauty

Now this is a story of a girl that makes her way to Bel Air. Cruising through the glamorous foot hills of the Santa Monica Mountains, a mix of Britney Spears, Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys fills the airwaves from the radio of her convertible. 

Part boss babe, part free spirit, she’s packed for a variety of new adventures. Classic Chanel suits are reinvented with colorful prints, flowing fabrics and 90s era accessories. 
The inspiration for what’s in her suitcase, The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Though I can’t imagine Karl Lagerfeld binge watching the cult favorite 1990s television series, I can’t help but see touches of the show’s characters and the era in this spring’s designs.

Ladylike suits that are a part of the iconic Chanel wardrobe, find a new edge with bright colors, sideways ball caps and oversized sunglasses---touches that easily could have been seen on the show's characters Will or Hilary. 

The story of our Bel Air princess continues as she dons a pastel suit for her lunch meeting at the Hotel Bel Air. Her traditional tweed and fun accessories like a hat, oversized jewelry and studded driving gloves strike a balance between classic and carefree.

For an evening in Beverly Hills for dinner and an art opening at the Los Angeles County Musuem of Art, our girl swaps her suit for a flowing dress with 90s worthy graphic colors and prints…and of course a sideways ball cap.

As the last notes of “Genie in a Bottle” fade and the moon reaches the top of the sky, the story ends with our heroine’s realization that she has made it home...home to Bel Air.

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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Fashion meets Art: Guy Catling

The scenery is black and white, frozen in time…captured only by the lens of the camera. The world of times gone by is revived with the addition of bright collaging by graphic designer Guy Catling. Images on their own that may appear dangerous, harsh, deserted or mechanical come alive with vibrant florals and geometric prints. 

By choosing imagery that includes warzones or locations of loss like the Twin Towers and then inserting prints like a colorful floral, the collages seem to speak to a more peaceful world that still embraces beauty in the midst of horror. Or perhaps another interpretation could be that there is a hope that grows and exists beyond the confines of reality’s harshness.

The photos of men in floral or geometric coats seem to question the notion of masculinity, or at least the serious demeanor the men were initially trying to convey. Or maybe, Catling isn’t trying to make political or cultural statements with any of his work, but instead simply offer intriguing images. 
Regardless of their meaning or lack thereof, the juxtaposition between the harsh imagery and the soft prints is captivating, drawing in the viewer to the unexpected pairings. 
Like Capling’s collages, fashion often pairs the unexpected. This spring, collections often featured their own forms of collage with different colored, textured and printed fabrics. 

 Designer Duro Olowu put fabric collaging front and center with dresses that include as many as five prints. Though varying in color and design, the various florals come together to create bright and optimistic dresses. 

Using a different approach to collage, shirts and dresses take on a geometric form as contrasting fabrics are used to construct the pieces at Emanuel Ungaro.

The traditional is reinterpreted with collage as seen with the use floral against the solid khaki fabric of Thakoon trench coats. 
 The use of collage is seen in the pairing of the various fabrics of the shirt and skirt, but also in the detailing of the coat and vest. With touches like a floral breast pocket, cuffs and sashes, the basics are brightened with the unexpected.

As a wearable collage, the textured lace of the empire waist Alexander McQueen dress is contrasted with floral embroidery.

Many designers like Sarah Burton at Alexander McQueen also embraced the use of the hard and the soft by using strong materials like leather against softer floral fabrics and embroidery.

The unexpected pairings allows the style to cross boundaries. Biker goes boho with flowing florals against a black leather jacket.

The masculine and feminine often found its way into designs in ways such as the traditionally masculine suit jacket or duster paired with splashes of feminine fabrics and colors.  
 For instance, Phillip Lim’s white suit-like designs find inspiration in menswear while also embracing the use of collage by hinting at a surprise of feminine color with embroidery or small pieces of fabric.

Whether trying to make a statement, or simply find a way to add a splash to your next outfit, your style can reach new heights with a little bit of collaging.

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Art Photos: Guy Catling

Sunday, April 9, 2017

The New Power Dressing

Though it may be cliché to say that a man in a uniform has a certain allure, it's often true that the combo has the ability to make a girl’s heart swoon. 
Perhaps this is why Josephine fell for Napoleon, who was making a name for himself in the French military in the early 19th century. Or more than his dashing good looks in the uniform, it may have been the power behind the uniform that caught the stylish Josephine’s eye. After spending time in prison during the Reign of Terror and seeing her first husband guillotined as a part of this period of the French Revolution, it was as if Napoleon swooped in from the battlefields to save her. 

The strong shoulders, brass buttons, elegant braiding and tassels…these details come together to help create the iconic military jacket. Dsquared2 took a cue from Napoleon and the French military in the Spring 2017 collection with details like these.

Power dressing takes on a whole new meaning with the blending of military symbols and glam 1980s material girl. Coincidently, the 1980s were a period that showcased women breaking boundaries as they left the home to climb the corporate ladder. 
This dynamic pairing on the runway showcases a new way to power dress in a way that crosses the boundaries of time.

"Napoleon Crossing the Alps" by Louis David, 1801-1805

You can take a page out of Napoleon’s playbook and Madonna’s closet by pairing your military inspired blazer with acid washed denim and leopard accents.

No matter what life throws your way, you can be dressed to conquer it. 

Runway Photos:
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